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Sun 6/26: ISTE report, Day 1

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Not much to report from Sunday, since the day doesn’t really officially get started until the evening keynote. This year it was a neurobiologist named John Medina. He talked about some research into how the brain works that has implications about good teaching and good learning. I think the most interesting part was when he talked about “Theory of Mind” — essentially, enhanced empathy — and how useful it would be for teachers. Do I have good “Theory of Mind”? I don’t think so. Is it something that I could work on? I’m not sure about that, but it’s a question I will be ruminating for a while.

Here are my notes from the event. I have the audio recorded as well but I’m not sure if I have the rights to post that:

ISTE2011 — Keynote JMedina.pdf

Afterwards, went to a great social meet-up for the people in SIGIS (SIG Independent Schools). The bar was crowded and loud, but the company was nice at my table. Would be nice to make some connections for hangout early in the conference this year, as opposed to on the very last day like last year.

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