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Wed 7/4: My flipping plans

After taking a few days off following ISTE, I’ve begun working again in earnest this week on my ed tech work and my classes. One of my primary areas of interest at ISTE this year was the flipped classroom, because I am seriously considering flipping both of my computer courses this year. It was a little ironic that the session moderated by the two originators of the flipped classroom, Aaron Sams and Jon Bergmann, presented the most unconventional models of flipping.

My approach will probably be fairly orthodox, at least in my first year. My reason for flipping is very straightforward. The biggest challenge I have always had as a computer science teacher was that there never seemed to be enough time in class for my students to spend actually programming, because of the need to present new material. By pushing the new material into the evening work, I should be able to approach every day of class as if it was a lab day. Another side benefit of flipping should be that my students feel more confident and less bewildered in the evening without the need to do so much independent work.

I’m anticipating that this will require a larger investment of time, as it is for most teachers of flipped classes. In addition to the time spent creating the videos, I will need to be much more intentional about the way that I create the content for the in-class programming.

As for my videos, I am going to rewatch Aaron’s tutorial on their website, and I have gotten ahold of the tools that he recommended: a Wacom tablet for writing, Screenflow for recording and editing video, and Omnidazzle for some cursor accents. This week I’ll try to create my first video.

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