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Mon 6/25: ISTE recap, Day Two

Here’s a recap from Monday’s events:

SIGTE Forum: Adopting Mobile Devices in PK-12

Sadly, this was another pretty low-value session for me. There was a hodgepodge of panelists who covered a very cursory overview of various aspects relating to integrating mobile devices into a curriculum, but mostly from the very high level of a district or county. Then there was a period set aside for peer discussion, which I skipped.

Exhibit Hall

I managed to make contact with the folks at MoodleRooms and they showed me their Joule system, which is designed for K-12 schools. It seemed fairly promising and at least worth having a demo of in the fall.

Standards for Us! The new NETS*C for Technology Coaches

This session was more useful. ISTE has developed a set of common standards that technology coaches (a fairly amorphous term that would apply to my new position) can use for evaluation. I find this to be useful, if for no other reason then it would seem to add credibility to the position. I will have to investigate these further as they get rolled out in the next year.

Unfortunately, there was nothing I could report after this morning session because I was crippled for the rest of the day with a virulent stomach condition that forced me back to my hotel room. Fortunately I recovered for Tuesday.

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