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Tue 9/6: Spread too thin?

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

In an attempt to manage my to-do list tonight, I made a list of the various roles I currently have responsibilities in:

  1. Teaching classes
  2. Managing the Technology Proficiency Program
  3. Overseeing the School Service Program
  4. Creating and printing the Daily Bulletin
  5. Writing and editing for the Sports Information Department
  6. Serving as interim head of the Technology Training Team
  7. Working with my six advisees
  8. Living with the girls in the dorm
  9. Being a good husband and father
  10. Caring for myself

My situation isn’t particularly unusual for the place that I work, or really for any boarding school, I would expect. So does a multi-headed hydra of a job like this ultimately make me stronger overall, or pull me in too many different directions? You be the judge.

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