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Fri 8/26: Blogging standards

As the beginning of the year draws inexorably closer, I’m slowly gathering momentum for my fall classes. One of the biggest challenges in designing a new class with standards-based grading is developing all the new standards for the course. I haven’t really found any pre-established standards for my Web 2.0 class, so I’m trying to create them myself. Here’s my first attempt at a set of standards for the unit on blogging — any feedback?

Blogging – content Level 3

  • Each blog post is Well-written
  • Each blog post is Original
  • Each blog post is Relevant
  • Each blog post is Detailed

Level 2

  • Blog contains the required number of posts
  • Each blog post is the minimum length


Blogging – layout Level 3

  • Theme and color scheme fits well with tone of blog
  • Blog widgets arranged in decreasing order of importance

Level 2

  • Overall layout makes it easy to find blog posts
  • Theme and color scheme does not conflict with tone of blog


Blogging – extras Level 3

  • Blog contains a way to browse posts by category
  • Blog contains a calendar or monthly archive

Level 2

  • Blog contains a blogroll w/ at least 5 links
  • Blog contains a search bar


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