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Wed 6/29: ISTE report, Day 4

Today was getaway day at ISTE, so there wasn’t as much action as the other two days. After scamming a free hot breakfast from the good folks at Pearson, I headed over to the convention center for the first (and only) panel of the day.

Session 1: The Hero’s Journey: World of Warcraft in the Classroom
This was a very interesting panel put on by Peggy Sheehy, a lady I met at last year’s ISTE conference. She is really big into virtual environments and MMORPGs, and she runs a guild on WoW that I joined shortly after the conference. This panel was about a program she created in collaboration with a school in North Carolina named WoWInSchool. It’s an outreach program for at-risk students that uses World of Warcraft as the backbone for an entire curriculum that teaches math, reading, writing, and other critical thinking skills. The program isn’t really appropriate for my school, but it was fascinating to see how someone could use a game as the centerpiece of a really sound educational pedagogy. My notes: The Hero’s Journey.pdf

After the panel, I spent another hour touring the exposition hall with @auntfun, and then, sadly, it was time for me to close this year’s ISTE conference. It’s a little hard right now to put the whole experience in context — I think that will have to wait a few days until I can look back and reflect on all the panels that I attended. It was really nice to make some new friends early on in the week to have a sense of connection for the rest of the conference.

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